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On Diamond's New Policies

I posted this over at my personal Livejournal, and felt I should copy it over here to the Radio Comix one as well for everyone's edification.

I feel compelled to comment on the new policies at Diamond, but as I am still in the middle of preparing for one of our biggest conventions of the year and still trying to sort out what is going to happen because of these new policies, I will instead link to all the various articles/posts about this, helpfully collated by matthigh.

Simon Jones at Icarus Publishing breaks the news. (His page may not be safe for work, since he publishes teh pr0ns.)

The Comics Reporter confirms.

Dan Vado, President of Slave Labor Graphics (and a generally cool guy) weighs in.

Jennifer DeGuzman, editor at SLG also posts about it.

And, here is Matt's breakdown of the situation, for those who want more links.

I honestly can't say what this is going to mean for Radio Comix at this point. The loss of the Adult Previews Supplement is going to hurt and hurt badly, because I can't imagine that consumers are going to want to order their adult comics by the scant information that is listed in the regular Previews catalog (a title, a price, and an order code, basically- no picture, no description text). I expect that many purchasers of adult comics will think that adult comics are no longer being published with no catalog to order from. What this means for Furrlough and Hit the Beach, our two remaining clean titles? I don't know yet. It's impossible to say this early. Also, we have yet to hear from our brand manager at Diamond, so I have no clue what to expect.

Potentially, this could spell the end of independent comics (and adult comics!) being available in the direct market (comic stores), not to go all doom and gloom here at the end. Just think- not being able to get anything but Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite or Devil's Due comics in comic shops- no Radio Comix, no Antarctic Press, no Slave Labor, no Oni Press, no Lightspeed Press, no Top Shelf, no Fantagraphics, no Drawn & Quarterly, etc. Imagine comic stores where all you can get are superhero titles or comics based on licensed properties (TV shows, movies, cartoons, video games). It's not a cheerful thought, even speaking as someone who currently works in a comic store as a retailer. It will not help diversity, which in turn will not help to expand the readership of comics as a whole. Yeah, yeah, I know, diversity doesn't pay any bills or make anyone rich. But it bothers me that something like this is threatening the industry that I've been working in for nineteen years of my life.

So, hey, if you like our books, better order them from your local comic store now, while stores are still able to get them (please! orders through comic stores are the only thing that count in Diamond's eyes!).

In other things, I will be at Further Confusion this upcoming weekend in San Jose! I'll be in the dealer's room, next to the Team Shuffle table, since I will be helping them with their sales as always.



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Jan. 20th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
Another comic distributor is long overdue. And has been since Diamond got a monopoly on it.
Jan. 23rd, 2009 08:53 am (UTC)
Cold Cut is another distro
It might not be what you're hoping for, but there is Cold Cut Distro ( The new owners of ColdCut will apparently have a catalog online at the end of February. The old owners had a catalog for retailers only, so I hope the new owners will let fans look at the online catalog.
Feb. 2nd, 2009 04:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Cold Cut is another distro
Cold Cut is now Haven Distribution, and hopefully they will do something in this new environment.

At Cold Cut, Radio Comix books sold dollar-for-dollar the exact same as Antarctic Press books, which is to say, fairly briskly and they regularly placed reorders with us (it was not unusual to send them restock every fourth month or so). This is significant, since Antarctic Press is a larger company than Radio, and they had more titles than we did.

Since Haven took over a year or so ago, we have not received a single reorder from them, nor have we received a single check from them, which tells me they haven't sold any of our books that they still have in stock and don't really seem inclined to carry the new books we've put out. Having received their print catalog at the comic store I work at, I can honestly say that there was nothing even remotely furry-related in the catalog; it seemed to mainly be concentrating on sexy horror comics or demon/vampire/werewolf-hunter-babe type comics. ^_^; Most of the other furry or adult comics from non-Radio publishers we sell on the Radio Comix online store were actually ordered through Cold Cut back in the day, but Haven hasn't restocked from those publishers, meaning we can't restock now without going direct or finding an alternate distributor. (We ordered a lot of books from Rabbit Valley, Icarus Publishing, Yaoi Press, NBM, Eros Comix, etc.)

Here's hoping they diversify their line, because we could use another outlet for our books, not to mention restocks on the other stuff we were carrying.
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